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What You Should Know About Tree Roots February 6, 2019

Lilburn, Gwinnett
What You Should Know About Tree Roots, Lilburn, Georgia

Roots are a crucial part of a tree’s anatomy. Embedded in the soil, they absorb water and minerals from the surroundings, store nutrients the plant needs to survive, and keep it anchored to the ground. Both human and environmental factors can affect the root system, and there are many scenarios where professional tree services are required for a tree’s health. Knowing more about tree roots will help you care for all the members of your landscape. 

What Types of Roots Does a Tree Have?

A tree’s various roots serve different functions. The larger ones, known as perennial roots, grow horizontally a few inches to a few feet below the soil surface, sometimes even surfacing above ground level. These roots secure the tree to the ground, hold food and water, and deliver the nutrients to the rest of the tree. Small feeder roots extend from the perennial structures and comprise most of a tree’s root system. The roots absorb water and minerals, which is why they grow outward from perennial roots and upward toward sunlight. Feeder roots have short life spans and are replaced quickly.   

What Are the Best Ways to Care for Tree Roots?

Tree roots need water, oxygen, and minerals to survive. Several factors can compromise the ability to receive these nutrients. Constant foot traffic and the weight of outdoor furniture, for example, can lead to soil compaction. This makes it difficult for air and water to circulate in the soil, which can suffocate and dehydrate roots.

Lilburn-Georgia-tree-servicesTo prevent this, be mindful of what you place on the ground. You can also install walking paths to direct traffic away from roots. Avoid using a lawn mower too close to trees, as you could accidentally cut above-ground roots. The wounds make the plant vulnerable to disease.  

When roots can’t get water and air in compacted soil, they could start to grow out of the ground to find nutrients. Tree service specialists can aerate the plants to reduce the chance of this happening. If there are already surface roots in the yard, they can remove the structures during dormant season to restore the safety and beauty of your landscape. Tree service technicians will also water plants regularly to ensure roots remain hydrated and put organic mulch on the ground for added nutrients. The covering will also keep roots insulated in colder weather. 


For professional help caring for your trees, reach out to the team at Casey Tree Experts in Lilburn, GA. Certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, the arborists will identify and address any cause for concern and provide tree trimming and pruning to keep your landscape healthy. To schedule tree services in Gwinnett County, call (770) 498-7000. Visit the technicians online to discover how they will care for your trees during emergencies.