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How Best to Stage Your Home for Sale February 4, 2019

Evergreen, Jefferson
How Best to Stage Your Home for Sale, Evergreen, Colorado

When it comes to selling property, first impressions really do matter. By investing the time into proper staging, you can make your home stand out in a crowded market and quickly capture the interest of prospective buyers. To help expedite your home sale, here’s a helpful guide to making it look its best.

Focus on Curb Appeal

While many homeowners focus their efforts indoors, don’t neglect your home’s exteriors. Freshen up the landscaping, mow the lawn, and fix up your entranceway by making small repairs, like straightening crooked shutters, and giving it a new coat of paint. 

Optimize Existing Square Footage

selling propertyWhen selling property, be aware that most buyers are looking for a specific amount of square footage. And while you can’t extend the existing space without undergoing major renovations, you can make it feel bigger.  Start by clearing out any clutter and rearranging the furniture to create optimal traffic flow. Mirrors are also an inexpensive but impactful addition as they reflect light, making the area seem roomier.

Remove Personal Effects

You want potential buyers to envision themselves living in your house as much as possible. To facilitate this, remove any personal effects that may distract buyers from imagining their own family there. This can include anything from wedding photographs to religious relics to highly taste-specific design pieces. Consider switching to a neutral color scheme if possible and investing in scent diffusers that invoke vanilla or flowers, since selling property often goes quicker when you appeal to multiple senses.

For help placing yourself in the local real estate market, turn to the experts at Orson Hill Realty in Evergreen, CO. Fully committed to helping their clients through the often stressful process of selling property, they’ll use their impressive years of experience to advise you on how to best attract buyers. And if you’re also looking for a new place to move into, they can also arrange a showing at one of the impressive houses listed on their website. Make an appointment today by calling (303) 835-9895 and speaking to one of their friendly representatives.

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