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3 Car Maintenance Actions You Should Take After Buying a Used Vehicle February 11, 2019

Landrum, Spartanburg
3 Car Maintenance Actions You Should Take After Buying a Used Vehicle, Landrum, South Carolina

Used cars often represent a fantastic value, but there are a few extra steps to take when you buy pre-owned. Being proactive about the car maintenance early on will ensure your vehicle is in optimum condition and ready for the road. Here’s a guide to three of the most important tasks to add to your list.

Pre-Owned Car Maintenance Checklist

1. Change the Fluids

Since a used car has likely spent some time on the lot—and it’s possible the previous owner neglected to perform maintenance right before the sale—it’s a top priority to replace the important fluids. The most essential is the motor oil, which helps keep your engine lubricated and can turn into useless sludge if left in the engine too long. It’s also worthwhile to replace your coolant, which prevents overheating, as well as other liquids, such as the brake fluid, wiper fluid, and transmission fluid. 

2. Check the Tires

car maintenanceTake a close look at the tires on your used car. After carefully examining the tread depth and sidewalls, you can determine if the tires are still road-ready. You should also check your tire pressure to make sure it’s within a safe range. Otherwise, you could be driving around with underinflated tires, making it more difficult to achieve traction and increasing the likelihood of an accident. If you have any reason to believe the tires are nearing the end of their life span, seek out a professional second opinion.

3. Consult the Owner’s Manual

One of the most important aspects of car maintenance is that every type of vehicle has different needs. The way you can learn about the unique characteristics of your car is by consulting the owner’s manual. Here you’ll find the specific recommendations for your car, such as oil change frequency. If the previous owner didn’t include the manual with the vehicle, odds are you can find an electronic copy on the internet.


Once you receive the key to your used vehicle in Spartanburg County, SC, drive it right over to the reputable car maintenance specialists at Landrum Lube. In business for over 18 years, the professionals offer everything from oil changes to perfecting your tire pressure. You can get in touch with the Landrum Chamber of Commerce-accredited shop by calling (864) 457-3956 or sending a message through their website

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