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5 Habits That Irritate the Sciatic Nerve May 15, 2019

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5 Habits That Irritate the Sciatic Nerve, Archdale, North Carolina

The sciatic nerve starts at the base of your spine and runs down into both feet. It is the longest nerve in the human body, and it may cause back pain when irritated. Below are a few habits that can increase your sciatica-related discomfort.

5 Habits That Trigger Sciatica

1. Too Much Sitting

Sitting all day long at your job and otherwise maintaining a sedentary lifestyle irritates the piriformis muscle, which is located directly above the sciatic nerve. Always sitting with your wallet or phone in your back pocket puts further pressure on the nerve and is known as “back pocket sciatica.” Once an hour or so, make an excuse to get up and walk for a bit—fill up a water bottle, get a fresh cup of coffee, or go to the bathroom to stretch your legs and relieve pressure on your nerves.

2. Wearing the Wrong Shoes

back painIncorrect footwear contributes to sciatica and other back pain because it interferes with bodily balance, causing spinal curvature to increase. This puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. Shoes must fit properly and provide enough support to keep you balanced and take pressure off of your lower back. Avoid high heels and similarly uncushioned dress shoes whenever possible, and always walk in potential footwear before buying to test how it affects your back.

3. Stress

Emotional health plays a role in sciatic nerve wellness. Stress can manifest physically as tight, tense muscles that restrict this nerve to exacerbate pain, especially when compounded by other habits. Set aside time every day to relax to reduce your back pain.

4. Wearing Tight Clothing

Binding jeans and underwear often trigger sciatica because they constrict blood flow and muscle movement. This makes your lower back muscles and vertebrae work harder as you walk, sit, or do anything else. Tight clothing also restricts blood flow, so fewer nutrients reach your muscles and joints.

5. Performing Certain Exercises

Numerous stretches and exercises irritate this sensitive nerve, including hamstring stretches, double leg lifts, and bent over rows. Rows, for example, inflames sciatica pain if you perform it incorrectly by rounding your back when you pick up the weights. It can also stretch your hamstrings and therefore your sciatic nerve, resulting in back pain.


If your back pain is due to sciatica or any other issue, make an appointment at Stroud Chiropractic. Serving Archdale, NC, and the surrounding region for over 30 years, this chiropractic care clinic is the only one in the area using the innovative Pro-Adjuster tool. Free consultations are available to new patients. Call (336) 434-2107 today to schedule your consultation or visit the chiropractors online for more about back pain solutions. Get additional wellness tips on Facebook.

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