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3 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill February 4, 2019

Jefferson, Monroe
3 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill, Jefferson, Wisconsin

Your heater works hard to keep your home warm during the coldest months of the year; however, it also drives up energy consumption and utility costs. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to save money. From scheduling an appointment with an HVAC contractor to inspecting your home for inefficiencies, there are many ways to reduce utility bills during winter.

How to Reduce Your Heating Bill

1. Seal All Gaps

Gaps around doors and windows are big sources of heat loss and cold drafts. When hot air escapes through these gaps, your HVAC unit must work harder to heat your home, which drives up energy costs. Fill these holes and gaps with caulk and foam strips. 

2. Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

HVAC contractorA programmable thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of your home on a pre-set schedule. It’s best to turn down the heat while you’re out of the house or sleeping, so program your thermostat to lower the temperature when you usually go to bed or leave for work. Some smart thermostats also come with features that track your temperature preferences and adjust automatically. 

3. Schedule a Tuneup

Scheduling an annual tuneup with an HVAC contractor will ensure your unit is running at peak performance. They will replace dirty air filters and clean all of the internal components. If there are any potential issues with the system, the contractor will also diagnose and identify them before they cause a breakdown.


When it’s time to schedule routine maintenance for your heating system, turn to the skilled HVAC contractors at Flock’s Heating & Air Conditioning in Cashton, WI. With over 55 years in the industry, the premier HVAC company specializes in a full suite of services, including installations, inspections, repairs, and maintenance. They are also available to assist with emergencies 24/7. Call (608) 654-5522 to schedule an appointment with a licensed HVAC contractor, and visit them online to learn more about their full list of services.