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How Often Should You Strip & Wax Your Floors? January 29, 2019

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How Often Should You Strip & Wax Your Floors?, Austin, Texas

The condition of your flooring plays a major role in how the public perceives your business. While regular floor cleaning is a vital part of any company’s maintenance routine, it’s also important to schedule stripping and waxing on occasion. These processes improve the condition and safety of the floors. Here’s what you need to know about making it a regular part of your cleaning schedule.

What You Should Know About Floor Stripping & Waxing

Austin, TX floor cleaningWhat Does Stripping & Waxing Involve?

Stripping is the process of removing the topmost finish from your flooring surface. It’s an effective way to eliminate dirt, soil, debris, and old wax from previous treatments, and is necessary to ensure that the floors remain safe for your clients and staff. Floor cleaning professionals use clean tools and stripping chemicals to treat small sections at a time. After the floor is fully dry, the wax is applied in thin, even layers and left to dry. A subsequent coat is usually applied after that.  

How Often Should You Schedule It?

You’ll need to base this decision largely on the amount of foot traffic you receive each day. In especially busy environments that see a near constant flow of all-day traffic, you’ll notice that the floors long dingier and more lackluster very quickly, even with basic floor cleaning. A good rule of thumb is to schedule stripping and waxing at least once every six months. If your building receives less traffic, you can stretch it out to anywhere from a year to 18 months without issue.  

What Are Some Factors to Consider?

Both stripping and waxing are time-consuming jobs that may take the better part of the workday, depending on the amount of flooring. From that perspective, business owners usually prefer to schedule the cleaning company after hours so as not to disturb day-to-day operations. Additionally, hardwood, laminate, and stone floors aren’t necessarily treated the same way, and may require more or less attention over time. A commercial cleaning service can provide you with guidance so you can care for the material effectively.

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