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5 Must-Have Items to Feature on a Charcuterie Board May 21, 2019

Honolulu, Oahu
5 Must-Have Items to Feature on a Charcuterie Board , Honolulu, Hawaii

Whether you’re entertaining guests or looking for a snack to munch on, a well-designed charcuterie board will tantalize the taste buds. While there is lots of room for customization, you’ll want to choose a variety of foods that offer complementary flavors. To help you arrange a perfect appetizer for drinks, dinner, and everything in between, here are the essential items to include in your next charcuterie platter.

5 Foods to Put on a Charcuterie Board

1. Meats

Deli meats are the foundation of any good charcuterie board. Choose at least three types of meat, which should be sliced into small portions and properly dried. For a good mix of salty and savory notes, you can’t go wrong with a collection of prosciutto, dry salami, and sausage from your local butcher.

2. Cheese

charcuterieLike your meat selection, your charcuterie board should include an assortment of at least three unique cheeses. Offer both hard and soft cheeses. Popular hard cheeses include Swiss, manchego, cheddar, and Gouda. Soft cheeses include Brie, goat cheese, and Camembert.

3. Bread & Crackers

Small toasted slices of bread or crackers are essential to meat and cheese pairings. Stacked together, these items provide a bite-sized balance of soft and hard textures combined with sweet and salty flavors.

4. Salty & Sour Snacks

While meat and cheese may be the stars of a charcuterie board, small snacks will punctuate the range of flavors. To satisfy crunchy cravings, decorate the board with an assortment of nuts and pickles. For salty goodness, lay out olives. Contrast them with the sweetness of fresh or dried fruits, like berries, apricots, and figs. 

5. Dips & Condiments

There are many dips and condiments you can serve in small dishes to accompany the rest of your platter. For example, Dijon or honey mustard pair well with sausage and thin crackers. Spinach and onion dip, on the other hand, makes a delicious spread for toasted bread. If you’re looking for a fruity flavor, put out jams or chutneys.


When you’re looking for options for your charcuterie board, head to the only full-service butcher’s market in Honolulu, The Butcher & Bird. With options sourced locally and from the mainland, this shop offers a diverse range of deli meats and sausages at their convenient location on the second level of SALT at Kaka‘ako. To learn more about their current products, visit this butchery online or call (808) 762-8095.

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