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5 Ways to Make Your Pet's Boarding Experience a Success February 25, 2019

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5 Ways to Make Your Pet's Boarding Experience a Success, Foley, Alabama

Taking a vacation can be fun, but when you have to leave your pet behind, it’s natural to have a few reservations. Fortunately, when you have the support of a trusted pet boarding facility, you can arrange around-the-clock care to keep your four-legged friend healthy, happy, and comfortable. To help ensure your cat or dog has a pleasant stay, consider following these tips for a successful animal boarding experience.

5 Tips to Prepare for Stress-Free Pet Boarding

1. Outline Your Pet’s Meal Plan

Every animal has unique dietary needs, so it’s important to be clear on how the boarding facility should feed your pet. First, make sure to pack enough of your pet’s preferred food — and treats — to cover their stay. Next, outline your companion’s feeding schedule so they can stick to their normal routine.

2. Pack a Toy or Comfort Blanket

pet boardingIn many cases, kennels will provide common areas that allow your pet to play with other guests. However, there may be times when your cat or dog has to spend time alone. To ensure they’re comforted and entertained during these moments, bring along their favorite toy, stuffed animal, bed, or blanket.

3. Detail All Medication Needs

Just as with food, you should make sure that you have packed all medications your pet may need with clear, outlined instructions. It’s also wise to provide the kennel with your animal clinic’s contact information so the staff will know who to call in the event a medical concern arises.

4. Soothe With Scents

It’s fairly common for cats and dogs to experience some level of separation anxiety as they adjust to their new accommodations. While the majority of animals will acclimate quickly, it’s also a good idea to pack a T-shirt or another belonging that smells like you. With access to your familiar scent, your companion may have an easier time relaxing at the kennel.  

5. Verify Vaccinations

In general, most pet boarding facilities will list some degree of vaccination requirements. However, if you’re worried about your animal catching an illness from another guest, it’s smart to talk to a veterinarian about the best immunizations — including non-core options — for your pet.


While following the above tips will greatly improve your cat or dog’s boarding experience, choosing the right facility is also important for a successful stay. That’s why pet parents in Foley, AL, turn to Animal Medical Center for comprehensive boarding services. At this clinic’s Bed & Biscuit, cats and dogs can enjoy a wide range of luxurious amenities — including grooming, outdoor play areas, and dedicated care from friendly specialists. Guests will also be connected to the veterinarian services provided by Dr. John Heilmeier and Dr. Kasey Singley, allowing you to have peace of mind about your animal’s health while you’re away. To learn more about these services, visit this pet boarding provider online. For reservations, call (251) 955-5900.

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