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Your Top 4 Child Care FAQ About Potty Training February 1, 2019

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Your Top 4 Child Care FAQ About Potty Training, St. Peters, Missouri

Potty training is a crucial stage of child care that comes with unique challenges, so it’s natural as a parent to have several questions about it. Arming yourself with knowledge about potty training basics and their role in early childhood education will help prepare you for the experience and understand its importance. Below are four common questions about the potty training stage of child development.

4 Child Care FAQ About Potty Training Your Child

How old should potty training start?

Potty training usually begins anywhere from 1-2 ½ years of age, when little ones are old enough to recognize the symptoms of needing to go to the bathroom and are capable of following the steps required to do so. Children mature at different rates, so don’t pressure your child if they aren’t ready. Be supportive, and if the issue continues, speak with a child development specialist or physician.

Do I need to begin a bathroom schedule for my child?

Yes. A schedule will get your child used to the routine and remind them to think about whether or not they have to go. It also helps them recognize the sensation of needing to go and how to control it. Frequent potty trips are also opportunities to practice all the steps of using the potty, even if they don’t go. This hones important child development skills like coordination.

Why does my child use the bathroom at preschool but not home?

If your child is successful at their early childhood education center but not at home, it means the school is taking a different child care approach to potty training that’s proving effective. Speak with them about their bathroom routines and rules. They’re probably maintaining a strict schedule of bathroom times; if you aren’t following this schedule at home, it could be part of the problem. The exciting socialization aspect of going potty at school could also be prompting your child to take interest in it. If this is the case, step up your praise and reward system for successful bathroom trips at home to increase their incentive to go.

What do I do if my child regresses?

child careRegression is a common occurrence. This is when children begin having accidents again, usually during times of stress. First, address the cause of the stress, whether it’s school, moving, or getting a new sibling. Do what you can to relieve their concerns, and be patient. Often, the child resumes proper bathroom habits once they settle into the new routine. If the problem doesn’t resolve with time, contact their pediatrician for an appointment to rule out biological causes.


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