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3 Signs of a Full Septic Tank February 11, 2019

Carmel, Putnam
3 Signs of a Full Septic Tank, Carmel, New York

Your septic system needs regular maintenance to keep waste moving out of your home. This includes pumping services to get rid of the solid waste. Regular pumping helps prevent any unwanted issues, from waster overflow to blocked drainage. To help you decide when to schedule septic pumping, look for these signs the tank is getting full.

How to Tell When It's Time for Septic Tank Pumping

1. Slow Drains

SepticThe more waste that is stored in your septic system, the more slowly water filters through to the drain field. This can be seen all the way back at the drains inside your home, where the water may take time to recede. Your toilet may also flush slowly.

2. Gurgling Drainpipes

Because the water is moving slowly and may be flowing into other branches of your drain system instead of straight down to the tank, it may make bubbling and gurgling noises as it moves. The same noises can be heard when you have a clog, and for much the same reason: the flow is being blocked. You may also hear gurgling noises because fumes from the tank are being forced back up the pipe; this will be accompanied by unpleasant smells.

3. Sewage Backups

In the worst case scenario, when your tank is not just full but overflowing, waste may start to come back up your drains. This is a major problem, and not just because of the smell. Sewage is a major health hazard due to the bacteria in the material. If you have sewage backups, call your septic company immediately.



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