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3 Reasons to Convert Your Films & VHS Tapes to Digital February 5, 2019

Parkville, Baltimore County
3 Reasons to Convert Your Films & VHS Tapes to Digital, Parkville, Maryland

It can bring incredible joy to discover an old videotape of family footage from a bygone era. Those moments are special to you, but it can be frustrating if you can’t watch them due to not having a VCR or the appropriate equipment needed. However, when you work with a reliable tech support and computer services company, you can trust them to transform an old film into a digital format. 

Why Convert Old Films to Digital?

1. You Don’t Own the Right Machine

One of the main reasons people convert an old film is because they don’t have the proper device to watch it. Older machines, such as VCRs and Video8 players, aren’t readily available. Since VHS tapes and 8mm tapes aren’t produced anymore, you may need to do some digging to find a quality, pre-owned model that works well. Skilled tech support companies can transform even the oldest, most grainy videos into impressive digital assets that are easy to watch on your media player or computer.

2. You Want to Give a Special Gift

tech supportMaybe you want to surprise your parents with footage from a video of your childhood that you just discovered, or perhaps you want to give your grandparents a copy of a nostalgic moment from a past decade. Don’t take a chance on your recipient having the appropriate player. If you surprise them, go the extra mile and have a tech support expert convert the old copy into a digital format that they can enjoy right away.

3. You Need the Footage for a Project

Whether you’re working on a professional project or an assignment for school, the ability to convert relevant footage into a format you can share with your team or classmates is invaluable. It will make it easier to edit the footage online, as well as work on the project with your teammates. 


If you need help converting your films to digital, contact SysQuick in Parkville, MD. Serving Baltimore and the Greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, this company can digitize VHS, Hi-8, 8mm, and U-matic with ease. The digital version will include chapters, files, and menus for easy navigation. These tech support experts can even convert audio cassettes and vinyl records into MP3s or CDs. Find out more about these and other services, including computer services, game system repairs, and security camera sales, on their website. Call (443) 231-5627 to speak with a member of their team. 

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