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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Wedding Venue February 1, 2019

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Wedding Venue, Licking County, Ohio

Selecting your wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in wedding planning, as this space will set the scene for the entire event. If you’ve found a venue that you are considering, schedule a tour and ask their team some important questions. These will help you decide whether it’s the right place to host your big day.

What to Ask the Staff at a Wedding Venue

1. Can I See a Fee Sheet?

A large portion of your budget will likely go toward the venue, and there will be more to the bill than the fee to rent out the space. How much this is depends on what their unique fees are and what services you hire through them. Some examples to look for could include furniture rentals, corkage fees, down payments, cleaning fees, and more. Before signing any contracts, you should know exactly what you’ll be paying and when those payments will be due.

2. Is My Date Available?

wedding venueDesirable venues can fill up months in advance; this is especially likely if your date is on a weekend or during the summer wedding season. You may want to call ahead before visiting to ensure your date is available. If it is and you’re interested, ask what will be required from you to reserve the date.

3. Is It the Right Size?

Size is extremely important in choosing your venue. Too small and you’ll need to limit your guest list, or everyone will feel cramped. Too large and people will feel lost in the space. Ask what the recommended guest list size is for the space and whether they cap off the guest allowance at a certain number. It’s typical for venues to provide a maximum number of guests for safety purposes.

4. Are There Vendor Restrictions?

Some venues have restrictions on the vendors or outdoor supplies you can bring in, so ask about this. Know what their rules are for catering, alcohol, photographers, and decorations. If they do have preferred vendors, research those vendors so you know whether you want to work with them.

5. What if It Rains?

An event venue may have a beautiful outdoor space, but you want to know that your big day will not be ruined by some rain. Ask what their backup plan is for this—they may have tents you can rent or have an indoor space you can use if the weather is bad.


The Virtues Golf Club is the premier wedding venue in the Columbus, OH, area. Their beautiful setting in Nashport has full-service indoor and outdoor spaces for your event. The corporate event hall has space for up to 280 guests with a dance floor and full onsite planning services. Contact the golf course online or at (740) 763-1100 for more information.

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