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Why Should You Hire a Professional to Test Your Water? February 1, 2019

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Why Should You Hire a Professional to Test Your Water?, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

Basic well inspections are essential if you have a well on your property. Only with a professional’s trained assistance can you be certain that the well is clean and the water quality is acceptable. Although it’s possible to conduct water testing on your own, the information an expert provides you can prove invaluable. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Is Water Testing Necessary?

If you have a private water supply, then it’s imperative to have it checked occasionally to ensure it’s safe to use and consume. Neglecting this step could have dire health consequences and cause damage to everything, from your costly appliances to your household plumbing system. Sometimes, it’s clear that there is a problem with the water; it may appear a different color, have a strong odor, or taste strange. However, in many cases, quality issues aren’t always obvious. This is where a well inspection expert can help. They have the equipment needed to properly test your residential water system for issues.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Well Inspection Expert?

well inspectionThere’s a certain peace of mind involved in working with a professional, particularly if you’ve had water quality issues in the past. Qualified experts conduct specific tests to check for the presence of iron, sodium, chloride, fluoride, coliform bacteria, sulfate, and other potentially harmful contaminants. Elevated concentrations of these ions and nutrients can cause a host of symptoms, such as gastrointestinal distress, allergic reactions, and dental discomfort, among others. If they detect a specific pollutant, your technician may choose to test the soil surrounding your well for pesticides or other harmful contaminants. Professionals also keep records of each visit, so they can easily track the condition of your water and any changes that develop over time.

How Often Should It Be Tested?

According to The Groundwater Foundation, it’s best to test the water supply at least once a year. However, water sourced from a shallow well is more vulnerable to contamination, so it should be tested at least once every quarter or season, depending on your technician’s advice.


Locals throughout the Greater Oconto Falls, WI, area trust in the experts at Luisier Drilling for all of their well inspection needs. They’ve served the community since 1936, providing dependable well drilling and 24-hour emergency services. The team conducts deep testing of residential water systems to assess its hardness, as well as any contaminants that might be present. Visit their website to find out more about potential water quality issues, or give them a call at (920) 848-5239 to schedule an inspection.

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