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Guide to Lawn Fertilization for Pet Owners February 1, 2019

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Guide to Lawn Fertilization for Pet Owners, Enterprise, Alabama

If you own pets and like to maintain a beautiful lawn, you may not stop to think the two might conflict. However, the fertilizers that keep your grass green and lush can be dangerous for pets. You don’t have to forego lawn fertilization, but you should be extra careful to keep your animal companions from harm. The guide below explains how you can do that.

Why Fertilizing Matters

Any soil that supports plant life will gradually lose its nutrients unless they are replenished. For your lawn, this means brown patches and frail grass unless you use a fertilizer. Some lawns are also naturally nutrient-deficient because of a poor soil composition and require extra nutrients to prevent diseased grass. A landscaping company can test your soil and create a fertilizing plan customized to your lawn’s needs. However, fertilizing isn’t as easy as spreading it on and leaving it if you have pets.

How to Protect Your Pets

lawn fertilizationFertilizer that remains on the grass endangers your pets because they pick it up on their fur and can ingest it later when they clean themselves. While a small amount can lead to vomiting or diarrhea, a large amount could cause tremors, seizures, and even death. Keep your furry friends safe by taking the proper precautions after lawn fertilization.

To ensure both your lawn and your pets stay healthy, you’ll need to be careful for several days. If the fertilizer is in liquid form, make sure a professional is applying it to prevent any residual buildup on the grass blades. You’ll need to wait until the lawn is completely dry before pets can go on it again. Granular fertilizer is easier to assess; wait 24 hours from the time you can’t see any visible granules on the blades. If your pets normally roam free, keep them indoors and walk them when they need to relieve themselves. If they get out and frolic in the lawn, wash them immediately to remove any fertilizer that might be clinging to their fur.


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