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How Does Winter Affect Different Types of Fencing? February 1, 2019

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How Does Winter Affect Different Types of Fencing?, Nicholasville, Kentucky

When the cold weather rolls in, it’s important to winterize your home —including your fence. Cold temperatures impact every material type differently. An aluminum, vinyl, and wood fence all require different care. Preparing them for the cold weather will ensure they maintain their quality and hold strong through the winter season.

Your Guide to Fences and Winter Weather

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum is highly weather resistant. However, the weight of snow and ice can still create issues. If a large amount sits long enough, it can gradually move posts off-kilter, especially during freeze and thaw cycles when the soil may become loose. It can also damage the connecting pieces that hold your fence frame together. Never let snow and ice linger on your aluminum fence and speak with a fence contractor about inspecting how well your posts are anchored.

Wood Fencing

wood fenceA wood fence faces the most issues during winter. Wet conditions can lead to mold and mildew growth. When the wood isn’t dried, rot can develop, leading to extensive repairs. Make sure to waterproof your wood fence with a seal before snows come in, and remove moldy or rotting boards immediately if you notice them.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is also extremely durable, though it can experience the similar shifting issues that can happen with aluminum. It may also sag or warp under the weight of snow and ice, leading to costly fence repairs. Always shovel snow away from your fence and repair any splits or cracks right away before they worsen or damage adjacent pieces of fencing.


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