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3 Benefits of Sports Performance Therapy January 31, 2019

New York, New York
3 Benefits of Sports Performance Therapy, New York, New York

Athletes frequently experience sports injuries that can have long-term consequences. While getting treatment for injuries is no doubt important, sports performance therapy takes a proactive approach to treat and prevent future issues. Here are some of the advantages of this method for athletes.

What Are the Advantages of Sports Performance Therapy?

1. Improves Form & Function

Most sports require a concerted bodily effort. While emphasis may be on the lower or upper body depending on the activity, it’s important for athletes to be healthy from head to toe to be safe on the playing field. A sports performance specialist looks at the body as a whole when devising exercise regimens. Not only does this increase strength, but it also boosts mobility, agility, and speed, as all of the body’s components will work in conjunction.

2. Prevents Future Sports Injuries

sports injuriesWhile the focus of performance therapy extends beyond the prevention of sports injuries, athletes can expect fewer issues. Rest is a critical component of recovery, but too much of it facilitates the creation of scar tissue, which causes stiffness, inhibits movement, and decreases performance. Sports performance therapists believe that light exercise is key to keep scar tissue at bay, preventing future issues.

3. Offers a Personalized Approach

No two athletes are the same, which is why a personalized therapeutic approach is so crucial. Addressing specific weaknesses, whether they entail lower back pain, an injured knee, or a strained shoulder, is essential for preparing the body for games. Sports performance therapy takes into account the needs of the athlete, as well as the sports they play to ensure they get the most out of their treatment.


If you’re an athlete that wants to improve performance, contact Embodyed® Health and Healing, located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Their holistic approach to health and wellness entails chiropractic adjustments, massage, and sports performance therapy that boosts core strength, increases stamina, improves flexibility, and prevents sports injuries. They’ll offer a range of treatments based on your needs, from the application of heat to targeted exercises that enhance function. Learn more about sports performance therapy by visiting their website. You can also call (917) 674-1367 to schedule your appointment.

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