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4 Home Applications for Custom Glass January 31, 2019

Waukesha, Waukesha
4 Home Applications for Custom Glass, Waukesha, Wisconsin

A beautiful piece of custom glass offers a utility and aesthetic that other home décor simply can’t match. Big or small, it’s a must for your next project, and you’ll find many exciting applications below. Purchasing custom glass through a skilled designer will ensure you get the most accurate results, so consider your needs before you begin a home remodeling or renovation project.

Great Ways to Use Custom Glass in Your Home

1. Partitions

custom glassIf you want to create a secluded space or turn one room into two, a glass partition is a great way to pull it off without the cost and effort of building a static wall. It can be fixed to rollers or secured to the floor for a permanent separator. Consider frosted design features as well to give it another dimension.

2. Shelving

Tired of your kitchen cabinets? Replace them with glass shelving. Custom glass can be shaped to give a floating appearance, and you’ll find single shelving opens up a lot of space. Glass can also play well with light, which is especially beneficial if you have a sunny kitchen. For something less intensive, consider replacing solid cabinet doors with glass fronts.

3. Wall Décor

Custom glass doesn’t have to serve a hands-on purpose. When designed well, it can make the ideal piece of wall art. Glass features are perfect for filling wall space without dominating the interior design, and they pair well with almost any color. Speak with a glass dealer to see different artistic options they’ve created.

4. Tabletop

If you’ve been building your dream table for the kitchen, living room, or covered patio, there’s no better way to protect it than with a solid glass top. Custom glass gives you much more room to experiment and is especially beneficial if you've created an impressive table base that you want to show off.


Since 1970, BGS Glass Service has provided residents of Waukesha, WI, with stunning custom glass, windows, and other features. Whether you want something to show off or to replace fixtures with, they’ll work closely with you to find a solution. Visit their website to explore their window replacement services and previous work. Call (262) 513-2806 today to speak with a representative.

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