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5 FAQ on Backflow Devices March 1, 2019

West Haven, New Haven County
5 FAQ on Backflow Devices , West Haven, Connecticut

Households rely on clean water flowing from their faucets for drinking purposes. Unfortunately, there are situations that can cause contamination. Backflow device installation will keep unwanted debris and pollutants from infiltrating your home’s plumbing. Here are answers to five common questions about how these devices will enhance the safety of your water supply. 

A Homeowner’s Introduction to Backflow Devices 

What is backflow? 

In the context of residential plumbing, backflow is when effluence reverses direction and travels back into your home. This often occurs in situations where there is a drastic loss of water pressure. There are multiple causes of these abrupt drops, including frozen pipes, burst water mains, or overtaxed water systems. 

Why is backflow bad? 

When pressure is lost, contaminated fluid can be drawn back into the system from your soil or tank. The fluid can contain solid particulate matter, pesticides, and other chemicals that are potentially hazardous to drink or otherwise use. 

How does backflow device installation help? 

While there are multiple varieties of backflow devices available, most work by creating an air gap around pipes to preserve pressure and keep water channeling in one direction. They create a barrier to keep polluted liquid from flowing into your plumbing. 

What kinds are available?  

backflow device installationThere are four common types of backflow prevention installations. Pressure vacuum breakers are popular for their effectiveness and versatility. Double check valves are suitable for below ground or indoor configurations. Atmospheric vacuum breakers are the simplest to add but are also the least reliable. Reduced pressure zones are especially complex and expensive to install, but provide added security. The existing plumbing system and municipal codes often dictate the type of apparatus to be used. A professional will ensure you have the best kind for your needs. 

How should I maintain them? 

Units must be properly winterized. To ensure they’re in top condition, backflow devices must be inspected periodically for signs of damage. They may also require updated internal rubber components or full replacement every five years. 


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