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Everything You Need to Know About Rollover Accidents February 7, 2019

Boston, Suffolk
Everything You Need to Know About Rollover Accidents, Boston, Massachusetts

Rollover accidents can be deadly. While  2.1% of passenger vehicle crashes in 2010 involved a rollover, they equaled almost 35% of all passenger vehicle deaths. Attorneys often represent families involved in these crashes, whether it’s to help them seek damages or to sort financial and legal matters that stem from the accidents. Below is more information about rollover crashes, including who might be liable if you are injured in one.

What Personal Injury Attorneys Want You to Know About Rollovers

Common Types of Personal Injury

attorneyDuring rollover crashes, passengers can be ejected from the vehicle, or the vehicle’s roof can collapse onto the occupants. In 2010, more than 7,600 people lost their lives in rollover accidents, and 69% of them were not wearing safety belts. Additionally, attorneys see traumatic brain injuries, neck, back, and spinal cord injuries, disfigurement, broken bones, and amputated limbs in these accidents. 

Who Can Be Held Liable

Some rollovers occur due to vehicle design or manufacturing errors. Compared to passenger cars, the height and top-heaviness of SUVs and minivans make them more prone to rolling, especially if the design and equipment do not compensate for the tendency. Under these circumstances, personal injury lawyers investigate whether vehicle designers, manufacturers, and dealers can be held liable for personal injuries.

Single-vehicle rollover accidents often occur when the vehicle has defective tires or strikes debris on a road or a pothole on a poorly maintained highway. Your lawyers may seek to hold tire manufacturers or public entities responsible for such defects. When another driver causes a multi-vehicle accident, you can seek damages from the driver for negligence.



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