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A Beginner’s Guide to 3 Common Types of Beer March 26, 2019

College Point, Queens
A Beginner’s Guide to 3 Common Types of Beer, Queens, New York

When you go out with friends to a sports bar or an American food restaurant, ordering a beer is almost expected of you. This can leave you stumped if you’re a novice drinker. Fortunately, understanding the common beer types and what to expect when you drink them will help you make an informed decision the next time you go out, enabling you to choose a beer that you’ll love. Here are a few of the most common types you’ll find at a quality sports bar.

What Do I Need to Know When Ordering Beer?

1. Ale

While most are full-bodied and offer a deep flavor profile, ales do come in a wide range of flavor varieties, such as bitter, fruity, spicy, malty, and hoppy. They can be light, dark, pale, amber, or brown in color, but they still tend to be darker than lagers, with a heavier finish. The next time you’re at a sports bar, try a light ale with a buttery burger or hearty, meat-loaded macaroni and cheese, as the crispness of the beer will help cleanse and refresh your palette. Darker ales go wonderfully with bold flavors and light meats that aren’t overwhelming, such as mild hot wings.

2. Stout

With bold flavors and thick, foamy heads, stouts are one of the heaviest beers your sports bar will offer. Stouts also tend to be the strongest, often boasting a high alcohol content of 6 to 7%, but they have a smooth finish, making them easy to drink. Roasted barley lends the beer an acidic taste that’s reminiscent of coffee, but flavors like caramel, nut, and chocolate are commonly added to them to be more palatable. If you try one at a sports bar, order a mildly sweet dessert to go with it, such as ice cream or chocolate cake. The beer will enhance the dessert’s sweetness and flavor depth. You could also try a spicy-sweet combination, such as mango-habanero wings.

3. Lager

sports barPrimarily pale in color, with a light finish and low alcohol content, a lager should be the first thing a beginner tries. Similar to ales, they offer a range of flavor nuances, adding to their appeal for beginner beer drinkers, but they all tend to have mild, hoppy flavors with a refreshing and easy finish. Light lagers are the ideal pairing for lighter, spicy dishes, such as curry wings or buffalo chicken subs, as they’ll temper the heat of the spice without overpowering it. Their dark counterparts work well with heavy dishes, such as savory burgers or Philly cheesesteak subs.


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