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5 Different Cuts of Chicken You Should Know More About May 28, 2019

Fort Greene, Brooklyn
5 Different Cuts of Chicken You Should Know More About, Brooklyn, New York

Whether you love to snack on wings at restaurants or prefer chicken sandwiches, different cuts of poultry are used to create your favorite dishes. The cut will influence texture and flavor, so it’s important to have a basic understanding of the bird’s anatomy. To inform your decisions when ordering out, here is a guide to different chicken cuts and the perfect pairings. 

What You Should Know About Cuts of Poultry

1. Drumsticks Are Ideal Finger Foods 

Located between the lower portion of the leg quarter and knee joint, the drumstick does not include the thigh. The shape makes it easy to eat without a knife and fork, which is why it’s a popular option for casual cookout fare. From baking to barbecuing and frying, the dark meat is prepared a variety of ways at eateries.  

2. Wingettes Are Covered With Skin to Enhance Flavor

Danbury-Connecticut-wingsWhen a whole wing is cut, the middle, flat portion is referred to as the wingette. The white meat is identifiable by the two slender, parallel bones that extend the length of the cut. Covered in flavorful skin, wingettes are typically baked or fried and then covered in tangy hot sauce to create Buffalo wings. When dining out, the dish is often paired with celery, carrots, and a side of blue cheese or ranch dipping sauce to cut the heat.   

3. Whole Wings Include Everything From the Elbow to the Tip 

The entire wing includes the middle portion, tip, and all the meat situated between the elbow and shoulder. The skin helps give the white meat its flavor and becomes crispy when baked, fried, grilled, or roasted. From garlic-based marinades to barbecue sauce, there are several dressings that complement the meaty taste of wings.  

4. Thighs Feature More Fat Than Other Cuts

Thighs are a dark cut of meat, located above the knee joint. The high-fat content makes it one of the more flavorful cuts of the chicken. Typically requiring a knife and fork to eat, the poultry is often stewed with herbs and vegetables to create savory, hearty meals. 

5. Tenderloins Are Pulled From the Breast

Similar to wings, chicken tenders are a popular menu item at sports bars. Often fried or grilled, the moist white meat is served in strips for finger food or fillets for sandwich fillings. The cut tastes the same as breast meat, as it’s pulled from that portion of the bird.


If reading about different cuts of poultry has you craving chicken wings, sandwiches, or tenders, head to Buffalo Wild Wings®. With locations throughout the Northeast, the restaurant is known for its extensive menu of flavorful hot wings, burgers, wraps, and more America food served in a lively atmosphere. To browse the selection, find your nearest location, and see specials, visit the restaurant online. Become a Facebook follower to see food photos.