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How to Stay Safe—& Out of Jail—This Winter March 4, 2019

Downtown Hartford, Hartford
How to Stay Safe—& Out of Jail—This Winter, Hartford, Connecticut

The roads in Connecticut can be treacherous in the wintertime. Snow, ice, and reduced visibility make collisions more likely. As a result, police are on high alert for reckless drivers. Unfortunately, that means getting arrested is more likely, too. This is especially true if there is a warrant out for your arrest. If police spot your vehicle with a violation as minor as a broken taillight, it could end with you in jail. Although a local bail bondsman could help in such a scenario, it’s best to avoid going to jail at all. Here’s how to stay safe—and stay out of trouble—all winter long. 

Exercise Caution When Conditions Are Poor

When there is ice or snow on the ground, it’s essential to exercise extreme caution behind the wheel. It may not even be safe to travel at the posted speed limit. You should also respect your vehicle’s limits. For example, if you don’t have four-wheel drive, stay home during heavy snowfalls.

Of course, even with four-wheel drive, a vehicle is only safe when it’s properly maintained. Taking good care of your car year-round will reduce the chances of breaking down—and breaking down is the last thing you want to do in the dead of winter. 

Do Not Give Police a Reason to Pull You Over

local bail bondsmanThe bar for reckless driving is much lower in the wintertime because road conditions are so poor. In other words, police tend to conduct more traffic stops during the colder months. Since any interaction with law enforcement could theoretically end with you going to jail—even if it’s an unlawful arrest—it’s best to avoid traffic stops altogether. You can do this by following the tips mentioned above.

If you end up getting into a collision or breaking down despite your best efforts, interacting with police is inevitable. And if there is a warrant out for your arrest, so is going to jail. If you’re concerned about any pending criminal cases, a local bail bondsman can conduct a warrant check so you know your status. If it turns out there is an existing warrant, 3-D Bail Bonds can help you determine the best way to proceed.


If you or someone in your family ends up behind bars this winter, a local bail bondsman from 3-D Bail Bonds will help. Based in Hartford, CT, our main office is conveniently located directly across from the correctional center. We know how stressful posting bail for a loved one can be, and that’s why we’re happy to handle everything for our clients. We also offer warrant checks, attorney referrals, and immigration bonds. To talk to a local bail bondsman on our team, call (860) 247-2245. To learn more about the unparalleled service we provide, check out our website

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