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Are You Ready to Adopt a Cat? February 1, 2019

Kalihi - Palama, Honolulu
Are You Ready to Adopt a Cat?, Honolulu, Hawaii

Cats make excellent companions for individuals and families because they’re typically independent and relatively low-maintenance, compared to their canine counterparts. However, like any other pet, cats are a serious commitment and require professional veterinarian care. Here are four factors you should consider before you head to the shelter to adopt one.

4 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Cat

1. Budget

Although the initial cost of adopting a cat is significantly lower than purchasing one from a breeder, you’ll need funds for necessities like licensing and vaccinations, spay and neutering, and supplies. Cats require at least a litter box and litter, food and water, and dishes, as well as a few toys to keep them entertained and encourage exercise. Your pet will also need annual veterinarian visits and periodic vaccinations and dental cleanings. Also, you must be financially prepared in case they need treatment for a disease or injury.

2. Lifestyle

veterinarianTake an honest look at your lifestyle and environment. Is there room for your cat to run and play and soft areas for them to sleep comfortably? Also, prepare for some clawing of furniture and carpets. Declawing is a harmful practice and veterinarians strongly urge pet owners not to declaw animals. Instead, you can invest in deterrent sprays and close off rooms you don’t want your cat to access. But if your home is full of valuables that you can’t bear to risk, a pet may not be ideal for you.

3. Children & Other Pets

Cats and kids can make a beautiful pair, but if your small children haven’t yet been introduced to animals, it may be better to wait until they’re old enough to understand how to handle an animal appropriately. You may also consider adopting an adult cat, rather than a kitten.

Consider other pets as well. Have your animals lived with cats before? Some don’t appreciate the company of others and may act out or harm your newly adopted feline. Talk with your veterinarian and shelter staff to make sure the cat you want is a good match for your existing family.

4. Stability

Cats have distinct personalities, and not all are the cuddly type. However, they all require plenty of care and attention. Consider your schedule and travel habits. Do you have time to care for an animal? Do you have someone to care for them if you’re away? Cats are also territorial and prefer stability and tend not to handle moves well. If you plan to relocate in the next year, consider waiting until you’re in a more permanent location before adopting.


If you’re planning to adopt a cat or have recently welcomed one into your home, turn to Ohana Veterinary Hospital in Honolulu, HI, for comprehensive, compassionate care. These experienced veterinarians treat your pets like family and offer a broad range of services from dental cleanings to kitten vaccines and surgery. Call (808) 845-1762 to schedule an appointment or visit their website to learn more about the practice.

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