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3 Common Uses for a Forklift February 5, 2019

South Plainfield, Middlesex County
3 Common Uses for a Forklift, South Plainfield, New Jersey

Typically found in warehouses, forklifts are used to lift and move heavy objects using steel prongs that insert beneath their loads. However, specific uses for these machines can vary by business or facility. When it comes to forklift sales and rentals, there are several different types of these industrial vehicles available, and each one makes specific tasks easier. If you’re not sure what type of forklift to buy, here are several ways businesses use these machines. 

What Are Forklifts Used For?

1. Transporting Products Inside a Warehouse

forklift salesWalk into almost any warehouse or distribution center in America, and you’ll find forklifts hoisting and moving products from one stack to another. Employees are carefully trained to retrieve heavy loads using a forklift and transfer it onto trucks for distribution. Electric-motor rider forklifts are commonly used for this task, but narrow-aisle and hand-operated versions allow operators to maneuver between tight spaces in these settings.

2. Plowing Snow

Forklift sales sometimes extend to special attachments that operators can install on the vehicles to perform certain duties, such as plowing snow. Many businesses and warehouses in areas with cold weather need to remove heavy snow from outside their distribution centers to meet delivery schedules. Forklifts with the right accessories can handle plowing snow as well as vehicles specifically designed for it.

3. Lifting Workers 

Rather than renting a bucket truck or crane to lift employees to perform tasks like reaching high shelves or taking inventory, forklifts can be fitted with accessories that allow workers to be safely elevated. This will enable employees to tackle everything from cleaning windows to trimming trees.


Do you need a forklift for any of these purposes? Businesses in Central New Jersey will find affordable forklift sales and rentals at AJ Jersey in Middlesex County. In business for almost 50 years, this forklift dealer has built a reputation for selling and servicing quality equipment. Their team includes well-trained mechanics offering routine maintenance and repair services. Call (908) 754-7333 or visit them online to speak to a staff member about their forklift sales.

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