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3 Mattress Types & Their Differences January 31, 2019

3 Mattress Types & Their Differences, ,

One of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep is to invest in the right type of mattress. Quality sleep can improve your mood and cognitive abilities as well as your overall good health. But choosing the wrong mattress can have the opposite effect on your body, so it’s important to select one wisely. Here's a breakdown of the three top choices out on the market today.

3 Types of Mattresses to Consider for Your Bed

1. Pocket Coils

The pocket coil is the most popular kind of innerspring mattress now. It has springs that are individually wrapped in fabric sleeves. Since the coils are not connected to each other, they react independently. This means that when someone puts pressure on one area, only the affected springs will react, and the motion will not be felt by the person lying beside you. The pocket coils also mold into the body and provide stability as the springs reflect the pressure.

2. Hybrid Mattress

mattressThis mattress integrates two support systems – a memory foam layer with an innerspring. It provides the comfort of memory foam and the stability of innerspring technology. The design ensures that bounce is kept to a minimum when altering positions. The coils used are the same size as those in innerspring mattresses and give the bed a classy look. Meanwhile, the memory foam layer subtly contours around a person's frame, so they'll sleep comfortably.

3. Pillowtop

The pillow top is essentially an extra layer that you add on top of the mattress. It's soft and gives you that “sinking” sensation similar to memory foam. Its cushioning capacity lets your hip and shoulder sink into it while keeping your back straight.


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