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How to Prevent Back Pain While Golfing February 1, 2019

Grants Lick, Campbell
How to Prevent Back Pain While Golfing, Grants Lick, Kentucky

While golfing is often treated as a leisure activity, it can also be physically demanding. Your golf swing uses muscles in your arms, legs, and back — if you aren't careful, it's easy to wear out or strain these muscles. To avoid back pain while golfing, follow these tips.

3 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain From Golfing

Prepare Correctly

Long before you go out on the green, prepare by stretching your back and legs regularly to increase your flexibility. Doing this every day will gradually make it easier to move and bend. With a greater range of motion, you’re less likely to pull a muscle by swinging or twisting too far. You should also practice your swing, as good golfing technique is designed to protect the body.

Golf Safely

GolfingWhen you visit a golf course, take the time to warm up before you begin. Stretch out your body with shoulder circles, kicks, leg sweeps, backbends, and double-handed swings. During your game, carry your golf equipment correctly. Make sure the strap of the bag is snug against your shoulder and to lift with your legs.

Cool Down

After your last hole, even if your back feels fine, the best way to help it recover from the stresses of the day is to go through a post-exercise recovery routine. Get lots of rest, use heat or ice to ease the muscles, and if possible, schedule a massage to keep muscles loose and relaxed. These steps help prevent stiffness and soreness the next day.


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