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How Fast Can Termites Eat? January 24, 2019

Kaneohe, Koolaupoko
How Fast Can Termites Eat?, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

Termites are notorious for destroying doors, walls, furniture, and anything made of wood or paper. They eat through these materials, creating tunnels and expanding their colonies, which is why it's essential to call an exterminator immediately. To understand how long you have before it's too late for termite treatment, you need to understand how quickly these insects can move and destroy your home.

The Base Speed of Termites

termitesThe exact amount of wood eaten by these pests depends on the species. This difference has less to do with the size, speed, and appetites of individual bugs, and more to do with the colony size. For example, Formosan termites, have a colony of about 350,000 insects that can eat one foot of a 2x4 timber in about 25 days. The same amount of wood takes roughly five months for a smaller colony of 60,000 to consume.

Other Factors

Most termites don't systematically eat a single plank. Instead, they spread out, locate all wooden objects nearby, and do a little damage at a time in each area. If you catch an infestation early, no single part of your home will be too badly damaged; however, if you wait too long to call an exterminator, you'll need extensive repairs on the widespread areas eaten by the colony.

Weather also plays a role in termite habit, and in the cold, they slow down significantly, reproducing less and eating slowly. In warm, moist areas like Hawaii, they’re at their most active year round.


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