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3 Projects That Will Make Your Home Feel Bigger February 1, 2019

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3 Projects That Will Make Your Home Feel Bigger, Chillicothe, Ohio

Being able to stretch out in a spacious house is a wonderful feeling for any homeowner. While there are many different home remodeling projects that can expand a room, there are also several changes you can make to a room for it to feel bigger. Here are just some of the ways you can make your home feel more spacious.

How to Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

1. Add Mirrors

The less light a room has, the more claustrophobic it will seem. Mirrors reflect light, brightening a space and making it seem bigger than it actually is. The reflection of a mirror also creates the illusion of more space on the wall, making the room feel open by just a simple trick of the light.

2. Paint the Walls With Light Colors

home remodelingAlthough they can be dramatic and striking, darker paint colors make a room seem small. To make a space feel larger, opt for lighter colors instead. Simple choices for this easy home remodeling project include paints like grays, creams, and soft yellows to make a room feel bigger.

3. Remodel With Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

As said before, light makes a room feel less claustrophobic. That’s why floor-to-ceiling windows drastically transform the feeling of almost any space. In addition to the flood of natural light they allow in, this home remodeling project opens your home to the fresh air and reduces the barrier between the outside and inside.


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