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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Bouquet January 31, 2019

Hastings, Adams
How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Bouquet, Hastings, Nebraska

Your wedding bouquet should be tailored to your style and personality. With so many beautiful blooms available, it can take a lot of time and deliberation to decide on a design. The following guide will help you figure out the best flower arrangement for your special day.

A Guide to Selecting the Best Wedding Bouquet

Match Your Theme

The bridal bouquet should match your wedding theme or at least be connected in some way. A vintage wedding, for instance, is suited to garden roses, king protea, dahlias, and peonies in soft colors. Large, vibrant blooms such as oriental lilies, orchids, alstroemeria, and gladioli pair nicely with beach or tropical themes.

Consider the Season 

weddingThe season in which you set your wedding date may also contribute to your theme. Spring calls for lively daffodils, tulips, mums, and stock. For summer, consider using greenery like bells of Ireland with wild blooms such as astilbe, craspedia, and snapdragon. The warm oranges, reds, and yellows of sunflowers, marigolds, and ranunculi are perfect for autumn ceremonies. In the winter, you can use icy flowers like white anemone, jasmine, and silver brunia.

Look Into Symbolism

Many brides seek to demonstrate the love and loyalty they feel for their partner with their bouquets. If this idea appeals to you, you’ll want to research the meanings of flowers. For instance, peonies symbolize joy, love, and ambition. The small stephanotis denotes marital happiness. Sunflowers represent devotion and adoration, while calla lilies represent faithfulness. Talk to your florist about the impression you wish to make with your bouquet so they can help you design the perfect testament to your union.


Creating your dream bouquet is simple with the talented and knowledgeable florists at Bob Sass Flowers. Based in Adams County, NE, this family-owned and -operated flower shop has been in business for over 60 years. They’ll keep your personal tastes, ideas, and desires in mind to help you design gorgeous arrangements for your wedding ceremony and reception. If you have any questions about symbolism or seasonal blooms, they’re happy to offer their expertise. To request a consultation, call (402) 462-2179 today. View their wedding portfolio online.

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