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4 Common Causes of Toilet Leaks January 31, 2019

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4 Common Causes of Toilet Leaks, Kalispell, Montana

Because of the extent of its use, the complexity of  its numerous moving pieces, and the gallons of water its expected to maintain at all times, your toilet is often susceptible to leaking. While there are some minor toilet leaks you can fix with ease, others may require the help of an experienced plumbing technician to resolve the issue. Below are some of examples of leaky toilet catalysts, as well as what you can do to address each issue.

The Top 4 Causes of Toilet Leaks

1. Cracked Tank

Toilet repairA cracked toilet tank can result in either a slow leak or a torrent of water on the bathroom floor, depending on the size of the crack. If it's only a small leak, try sealing it with silicone bathroom caulk. For more serious fissures, you may need to replace the whole tank, in which case, you would be better off consulting a plumbing repair specialist.

2. Worn Connectors

The lines feeding the toilet are most vulnerable at the connection points and at the shutoff valves. If these connections continue to leak even after tightening them as much as humanly possible, it’s possible that you may have a bad valve or a worn washer. These parts should be replaced as they age. The job should take a professional plumber only an hour or so, or you might be able to complete the job yourself in an afternoon.

3. Cracked Float

The float literally floats at the tank's water level, and engages a shutoff valve when it reaches the top. If the float is cracked, it won't float to the top and shut off the water infeed as it should, which can lead to overflows and leakage. You can replace the float with a kit from the hardware store, or have a plumbing specialist tackle it for you in minutes.

4. Base Problems

Water leakage from the base of the toilet is normally the result of loose bolts. Remove the loose plastic caps covering the bolts at the toilet base, and tighten the nuts onto the bolts with a socket wrench. If they are already tight, you probably need to replace the wax ring within the toilet base. The wax ring seals the connection between the toilet and the sewage outflow pipe. Usually, it takes a professional to replace this, since the procedure is fairly complex and involves removing the entire toilet.


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