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What to Consider Before Building a Pet Fence January 31, 2019

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What to Consider Before Building a Pet Fence, Dothan, Alabama

If you added a four-legged friend to the family this holiday season, you’ll experience the joy of the holidays for many years to come. Building a secure fence around your yard gives your new puppy or dog a safe place to enjoy fresh air and stretch their legs. Use the guide below before purchasing a pet fence to ensure you’ll have an effective and attractive enclosure that benefits the entire family.

Dog Owner’s Guide to Building Pet Fences

Why They’re Important

A fenced yard is important, no matter how old or well-trained your dog is. You can let them out into the yard to play with the kids or relieve themselves without worrying about their safety. Without a fence, there’s always the concern that your dog may run away from home or run out into the street and risk getting hit by a passing car. If you need to leave the house for an extended period of time, you don’t need to worry about locking your dog indoors where they could get bored and display destructive behavior. They’ll enjoy their time alone much more when they can run around outside. 

pet fencesA privacy fence, or one you cannot see through, will block your dog’s view of the street while they’re outside. This can help if your dog spends their days barking at passing cars and people. In addition to being quieter, they’ll be less likely to escape the yard to get to something they see on the other side.

What Type of Fence Is Best?

The size and strength of your fence installation will depend on the type of dog you have. If they’re currently a puppy, plan for how large they’ll be when fully grown. The fence should be tall enough that they cannot jump over — six feet is usually suitable for larger breeds such as Labradors or huskies. Wooden and vinyl fences are ideal since they’re attractive features for your yard and will block your pup’s view. These durable materials will also be difficult to chew through. If your dog is a digger, consider installing the fence at least six inches below ground level so they cannot dig underneath it to escape.


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