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4 Golf Tips to Keep Your Winter Game in Full Swing February 1, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
4 Golf Tips to Keep Your Winter Game in Full Swing, Manhattan, New York

From stiff joints to soggy greens, winter golfing typically presents a number of challenges. However, with a handful of simple tips and tricks, you’ll continue to play and perfect your game throughout the cold months. Here are some wintertime recommendations from your local golf center.

4 Winter Golf Tips to Improve Your Game

1. Wear Warm Attire

Winter weather often feels especially harsh on the open terrain of the golf course. Wear long underwear to insulate your regular clothing and gloves to keep your hands warm while you swing your clubs. Double up on socks, and wear a snood to protect your face and neck from chilly winds. 

2. Use Waterproof Gear

The coldest months of the year often bring rainy weather with them. Invest in a waterproof golf bag with winter wheels that make it easier to tote around the course. Bring a towel to clean off your shoes so you don’t slip and fall along with a few extra ones to dry off your face and hands

3. Use Different Clubs & Balls

golf center Golf balls don’t travel as far during the winter, so try using a different driver or making adjustments to your current one. Move the loft up for better leverage, and add a weight to launch the ball farther. Head to a golf center to purchase low compression balls designed to travel farther, and warm them in your pockets between swings.

4. Change Your Technique

You might also need to adjust the way you hit the ball when temperatures plunge. For instance, it helps to use a bit more force when putting. Try choking up on your irons to improve your control over your swing and send the ball farther down the green. 


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