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3 Environmental Benefits of Choosing Hardwood Floors February 5, 2019

Peace Haven, Winston
3 Environmental Benefits of Choosing Hardwood Floors, Winston, North Carolina

If you’re seeking sustainable ways to upgrade your home, you may find yourself weighing the environmental impact of different material options. Floors in particular have significant surface space and therefore demand careful consideration. While it may come as a surprise, hardwood floors are an environmentally friendly option for the following reasons.

3 Earth-Friendly Advantages of Wood Floors

1. Carbon Neutral

Many homeowners are surprised to discover wood flooring is actually carbon neutral, which means no carbon emissions are created during the production of the material. Moreover, the net growth of trees from those used to produce hardwood flooring exceeds those harvested, so selecting wood for your floors doesn’t mean you’re contributing to deforestation.

2. Longevity

Hardwood boasts an impressive life span, with high-quality flooring lasting up to hundreds of years. Unlike materials such as ceramic tiles, which must be replaced when cracked or otherwise damaged, wood can be restored, refinished, or repaired. For this reason, hardwood can outlast virtually any other flooring type. When you select wood floors, you’ll help reduce the repeat of carbon footprints required to produce other materials.

3. Recyclable

hardwood floorsYour hardwood floors may very well exceed the time you spend in your house, and can even last for many generations. Nonetheless, should they ever be replaced for whatever reason, it’s still possible to give the wood used for your floors a second life. It can be reused as building material, recycled into pulp to make paper or mulch for landscaping applications, or burned as fuel—all of which are beneficial to the environment.


If you’re considering hardwood floors for your home remodel, allow Carolina Wood Floors (CWF) to provide you with environmentally friendly materials you can enjoy for decades to come. Serving the Winston-Salem, NC, area, this trusted dealer has provided quality flooring materials to residential and commercial customers for over 25 years. Browse through CWF’s idea gallery online for inspiration, or call (336) 765-0680 to discuss your new flooring project today.

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