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When to Schedule a Professional Gutter Cleaning January 31, 2019

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When to Schedule a Professional Gutter Cleaning, Hamilton, Wisconsin

Gutters are an important part of your roof’s drainage system, as they collect rain runoff and filter it away from your property. Without the fixtures, water will pour down the sides of the roof and settle at the foundation, leading to basement leaks and additional problems. To prevent clogs and ensure equipment always functions correctly, below are specific times during the year to have your gutters professional cleaned. 

When Are the Best Times to Have Your Gutters Cleaned?

Beginning of Spring

Schedule a gutter cleaning at the start of spring to remove mud and additional debris left from winter weather. As spring is a notoriously rainy season, having the channels cleared will prevent water backups on the roof that could seep through materials and leak into the house. Removing the caked-on grime will also help the fixtures last longer. Otherwise, the debris will get heavier when wet and weigh down the installations, increasing the risk of the channels splitting or becoming loose, or fasteners pulling away from the house and damaging the fascia board.

During Late Fall

West-Salem-Wisconsin-guttersIn mid or late fall, right before winter arrives, have fallen leaves, twigs, and additional debris removed from your gutter system. This will prevent water from settling on top of the fixtures and freezing once temperatures drop. When water freezes over gutter waste, it creates ice dams that block the flow of water off the roof. Your gutters could also dislodge from the house and fall under the weight of heavy ice. Cleaning the channels in autumn will prevent safety hazards during winter months.

After a Heavy Storm

If you are expecting harsh storms in your area, prepare to have the fixtures inspected after the extreme weather subsides. Wind and rain can cause branches and leaves to fall into the fixtures, while added moisture can weigh them down. Cleaning the gutter system after bad weather strikes will ensure equipment works correctly when needed.


Apart from routine cleaning, installing gutter guards is a good way to prevent severe blockages. Whether you want to install the protective screens or invest in a new rain or seamless gutter system, the West Salem, WI-based professionals at Advanced Seamless Inc. are available to help. They’ll also share tips to help you stay on top of gutter upkeep. To schedule gutter service in western Wisconsin or southeastern Minnesota, call (608) 786-2929. Connect with the gutter company online to learn about the state-of-the-art systems designed to protect your investments. 

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