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5 Reasons to Choose Mosaic Tile Flooring for Your Home January 28, 2019

5 Reasons to Choose Mosaic Tile Flooring for Your Home, ,

A popular choice for bathrooms, mosaic tile flooring creates an elegant and inviting ambiance to rival luxurious spas. These luminous tiles are commonly installed as a series of small squares, though a broad variety of shapes and sizes are available. Made from glass, the tiles are characterized by their blend of complementing colors. Here are some of the advantages of choosing this option for your floors.

The Benefits of Mosaic Tile Flooring 

1. Visual Appeal

Mosaic tiles add an element of interest in any interior setting. Because they are typically installed in a series of hues all within a similar color palette, they add more depth and intrigue than a floor in a single shade would. Additionally, the natural reflective quality of the glass can brighten any space.

2. Versatility

Another desirable quality of this tile is its flexible nature. While a uniform series of squares will look stunning on its own, you can also integrate other types of tiles, including mirrored, metal, or stone styles, to create contrast. Beyond floors, the tiles can also be used for bathroom walls and showers, as well as kitchen backsplashes.

3. Easy Upkeep

flooringThe smooth finish of glass tiles makes them exceptionally easy to clean. They are resistant to stains and mold, as their nonporous quality keeps moisture out. Wiping them down with a cloth and warm water will suffice for day-to-day cleaning, while a mild vinegar and water mixture can combat soap scum. 

4. Low Environmental Impact

If you’re looking for ways to minimize your carbon footprint while pursuing a bathroom upgrade, this floor installation material is an eco-friendly choice to consider. It requires far less energy to manufacture mosaic tiles than other materials, such as ceramic, and they’re also available in styles made from recycled glass.

5. Durability

Glass tiles are chemical resistant and boast exceptional color retention. When used for floor applications, they must also meet certain requirements to withstand weight and most types of impact. Because of their moisture-resistance, they are well-suited to withstand many years in damp environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens.


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