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3 Common Repair Issues for Commercial Overhead Doors February 7, 2019

Yonkers, Westchester
3 Common Repair Issues for Commercial Overhead Doors, Yonkers, New York

Commercial overhead doors fulfill vital roles for businesses, providing much-needed security for employees and inventory. When repair issues arise, address the problem as quickly as possible to keep your company safe. The following are some of the most common garage door repair problems that affect commercial properties.

Top 3 Repairs Commercial Overhead Doors May Require

1. Spring Replacement

Springs provide tension and power to safely lift and lower the door. When a spring is damaged, it may be difficult to open doors manually, and automatic varieties may be unable to reverse easily. The units may refuse to budge altogether. Professional spring replacement will be needed to restore normal function. For types that use multiple springs, the other spring should be replaced at the same time.

2. Misaligned Photo Eyes

commercial overhead doorsAutomatic doors have photo eyes placed near ground level to keep the garage door from accidentally closing on a person or object. Using infrared beams, the eyes accurately identify obstructions and either halt or reverse the door’s movement to prevent injury or damage. However, alignment issues will cause them to send a signal that keeps the garage door from closing. Problems can also occur when one gets excessively dirty. You’ll need to clean and realign these components to correct this problem.

3. Remote Malfunctions

If you’re not sure why your garage door won’t open, check the remote. It might just need a new battery. The remote could also have been reset so that it’s no longer connected to your garage door opener. In some cases, the remote may need to be reprogrammed or replaced altogether.


No matter what type of service you need for your commercial overhead doors, depend on United Overhead Doors to provide quality results. Serving Westchester County, NY, since 1954, their factory-trained technicians are available 24/7 to provide fast fixes to any problem you might face. To learn more about their services or to request a free estimate, visit them online or call (914) 964-0038.

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