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3 Benefits of a Healthy Immune System January 30, 2019

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3 Benefits of a Healthy Immune System, ,

When trying to understand how immunology impacts your health, it’s important to grasp how the immune system interacts with other bodily functions. While immunology determines how your body’s immune system responds to other organisms, the strength and health of your immune system play an important role. Discover more about the benefits a healthy immune system provides to your overall well-being.

Why It’s Important to Foster a Healthy Immune System

1. Fight Diseases

immunologyYour immune system is responsible for fighting diseases that attack your healthy cells. It’s comprised of two parts: innate, which is responsible for white blood cells, and adaptive, which targets pathogens. With these two components, the innate works to provide general defense against viruses, while the adaptive offers specialized antibodies to ward off disease. These pieces of your immune system work together to combat any virus or disease that infects your body.

2. Help Other Systems Operate

If your immune system is in poor health, other systems of your body may suffer as well. For example, the immune system works directly with the circulatory system to help transport white blood cells through the body. Without a healthy immune system, it makes it difficult for the circulatory system to not only fulfill its duties, but to accomplish them in the right amount of time. Your immune system helps keep all your organs, tissues, and other systems functioning properly.

3. Build Immunity

In addition to fighting diseases that try to enter the body, your immune system also provides extra protection against repeat invaders. Every time you contract a virus or sickness, your immune system produces antibodies to help fight this attack. Your immune system stores this information and can create these antibodies when faced with the same virus. How your body reacts to these invaders provides insight into your body’s immunology response.



If you want to learn the best ways to naturally boost your immune system, visit Integrative Medicine of New York, PLLC, in Westbury, NY. Serving Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk counties as well as the Tri-state area, the skilled team use their immunology research to provide natural solutions for auto-immune disorders and cancer. To learn more about the services offered by this medical facility, visit them online or call (516) 759-4200 to schedule an appointment. 

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