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3 Questions to Ask a Potential Moving Company January 30, 2019

East Village, Manhattan
3 Questions to Ask a Potential Moving Company, Manhattan, New York

There is a lot that must be done to prepare for a move. However, one of the biggest tasks on your checklist should be to interview prospective moving companies to find the right fit for your needs. Taking care of this step early on will ensure you find a service that’s within your budget. To help you narrow down your options, ask each company the following questions. 

What Should You Ask Moving Companies Before Hiring Them?

1. Are You Licensed?

In New York, movers are required to be licensed by the Commissioner of Transportation. They should provide you with a certificate of authority and their company address so you can confirm these details. Licensed movers are also required by the NY Department of Transportation to provide you with a mover’s tariff, which lists the rates and charges they have on file. 

2. What Are Your Specialties?

moving companyMany moving companies have a specific list of specialties they are experienced to handle. For instance, they may only handle local moves or inter-state moves, or they may focus on large furniture items or antique pieces. Knowing this information will help you determine if they are right for your needs. If you live in an apartment building, they should be able to manage potential obstacles—multiple flights of stairs, restricted parking, awkward hallway and door sizes—that may arise. 

3. Do You Have References?

You should ask the company directly for references, and also check online reviews. Confirm with the references that the company took care of their moving needs on time and reliably. A reputable company should also have listings on one or more of the major review sites.


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