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3 Steps to Earn Your Concealed Weapon Permit March 18, 2019

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3 Steps to Earn Your Concealed Weapon Permit, Jacksonville East, Florida

In most states, a permit is required by residents to conceal a weapon under outerwear or other clothing while outside of the home or workplace. Additionally, this permit is almost always needed by non-residents. It signifies that you have received adequate firearm training and have passed a background check that meets all legal requirements for owning a gun. Follow the steps below to earn a concealed carry permit. 

How to Obtain a Concealed Weapon Permit

1. Pass a Training Course

All but three states (Vermont, Hawaii, and Washington) require training before a concealed weapon permit can be issued. The specific training can vary by state, but it’s easy to contact your local or state government to find an instructor. In many places, passing a basic gun safety course—such as state-sanctioned hunter’s safety courses or the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting—and receiving a certificate of completion is enough to check off this step.

2. Meet Unique State Regulations

outwearIf you want to carry a gun under your outerwear, it’s vital to follow all of your state regulations. In many instances, this will also require a written exam, a qualification shoot, or both. When taking your training course, determine the differences between your instructor’s passing requirements and those of the state. In some instances, the instructor’s course requirements may supersede the state’s, but in others, their minimum score might not be high enough to pass the state requirement. 

3. Complete the Application

Locate the correct facility in charge of concealed weapon permits in your area. For the quickest results, visit this office to fill out paperwork, have your fingerprints taken, and pay all necessary fees. Once this is done, you’ll have to wait for the background check to come through. However, if you are applying for a non-resident license, you’ll have to send the application to another state by mail. This requires all the same steps, but it may take longer because you have to locate and use accepted third parties and wait for a final response by mail. 


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