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3 Common Concrete Polishing & Grinding Mistakes January 30, 2019

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3 Common Concrete Polishing & Grinding Mistakes , Arthur, North Carolina

Maintaining the integrity of your building’s concrete flooring begins with the appropriate maintenance. Polishing and grinding are two methods that will keep your floors in top shape, but it’s vital to handle the job properly the first time. Attempting to DIY could end up damaging your floors, and could even result in personal injury. Here are the most common polishing and grinding mistakes and how to avoid them. 

Common Mistakes DIYers Make When Polishing & Grinding Concrete

1. Working Too Fast

High-speed grinders are popular for their ability to polish concrete relatively quickly. That’s an advantage for concrete flooring professionals who understand exactly how to handle the equipment and do the job properly. But faster-moving machines aren’t necessarily the answer for building owners who don’t have experience handling the equipment. Amateurs might run the grinder at a fast speed, just to get the job done more quickly, providing more opportunity to inflict damage on the surface or themselves.

2. Using the Wrong Equipment & Power Source

concrete flooringJust like with other appliances, it’s crucial to use the right power source to ensure your machine — and you — stay safe. If you’re grinding concrete outdoors, you’ll need to use an engine-powered grinder, as an electric-powered one won’t work in a location with no electrical outlets. Electric-powered machines are fine for indoor locations, as long as the correct power source is available. Electric units typically have high voltage requirements, so it’s vital that the power source can support it, or you risk seriously damaging your machine. If you’re using an extension cord, you should also ensure that it’s rated to allow sufficient electrical flow to avoid melting the cord. 

3. Performing Maneuvers Wrong

Grinding and polishing both require specific movements. Achieving an even finish is the key, and it can be difficult to perfect the process without any experience. Grinding, for example, requires smooth, repetitive, back-and-forth motions in order for the surface to achieve that telltale clean finish. Another mistake people make is working on single spots for too long — over-grinding is an easy way to inflict damage.


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