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4 Ways to Reduce Separation Anxiety When Pet Boarding January 30, 2019

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4 Ways to Reduce Separation Anxiety When Pet Boarding, Royse City, Texas

As a pet owner, planning a vacation without your furry friend requires forethought, especially if your cat or dog has separation anxiety. Whining, panting, or unwanted behaviors when they’re away from your family can all be indications of stress. If your pet exhibits any of these signs, here are a few ways to reduce their tension during pet boarding

4 Tips for Minimizing Separation Anxiety When Pet Boarding

1. Find the Right Pet Boarding Facility

Once your travel plans are booked, research cat and dog boarding facilities in your area. Schedule tours and get to know the staff. Most importantly, let them know about your pet’s separation anxiety and any concerns you may have. To ensure your animal is relaxed and happy while you’re away, choose an organization that listens to your concerns and has the training, patience, and love for animals to care for your furry friend. When possible, lean toward a pet resort with a fun, clean, and upbeat atmosphere so you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands while you’re away. 

2. Build Up to Extended Stays With Day CarePet Boarding

Many pet boarding centers offer day care for clients that work extended hours in office environments. Test out your animal’s behavior and work your way up to extended stays by scheduling half or full days in daycare. This will give your pet an opportunity to bond with the staff and socialize with other animals. 

3. Prioritize Exercise & Social Time

Lack of stimulation can increase an animal’s separation anxiety so distraction is key! Choose a pet boarding establishment that features an expansive yard, dedicated play time, and interaction with other animals if your pet prefers to be among a pack. If your pet looks forward to visiting the facility, they will be less likely to stress. 

4. Pack Toys & Reminders of Home

To make their stay comfortable, don’t forget to pack their favorite toys. Their bed and an item or two that reminds them of home are good options as well. If your dog has a preferred blanket or pillow, bring that to the pet resort so they’ll feel connected to home. 


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