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4 Hardware Replacements for a Quick Bathroom Remodel January 30, 2019

Boscobel, Grant
4 Hardware Replacements for a Quick Bathroom Remodel, Boscobel, Wisconsin

If you’re tired of your bathroom, you’re likely already planning how to redo it. However, if a complete remodel isn’t in your budget, it can be difficult to put these dreams on hold. Thankfully, you can make a few minor adjustments to make your bathroom look brand new. With a fresh coat of paint and some new plumbing supplies and fixtures, your washroom will look refreshed.

3 Plumbing Supplies to Swap for a Fast Bathroom Makeover

1. Drawer Pulls

Update from a classic round metal knob to a colorful, painted ceramic pull for some whimsy. Or, take a hint from modern designs and choose hexagonal or bar options to create visual interest.

2. Towel Holders

Save floor space by hanging the towels on a behind-the-door rack or add metal bars to the wall. Choose some that match your drawer pulls to pull together the details. Towel holders must be functional, so ensure they allow enough space for at least two bath towels to dry at once.

3. Faucet

plumbing suppliesIf your faucet is a generic stainless steel fixture, upgrade to something more modern. Choose a metal that matches your drawer pulls and towel racks, and find a fixture that matches the overall style of your new bathroom. Both two-handle and single-handled faucets look elegant, so consider which version you prefer using.

4. Showerhead

Swap out a traditional showerhead for a rain fixture to provide a wide, fast flow of water that feels like a spa. You can even install two of these impressive features—one at the front of the shower and one at the back—to provide twice the relaxation. These plumbing supplies look great and feel even better.


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