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How to Eat 3 Common Tailgate Foods Without Making a Mess May 7, 2019

Fort Greene, Brooklyn
How to Eat 3 Common Tailgate Foods Without Making a Mess, Brooklyn, New York

Tailgating is arguably one of the best ways to watch the game: you can enjoy great company and delicious food while cheering on your team. Popular tailgating foods such as wings and burgers may be a treat, but they are sloppy and can leave you with a big mess for the duration of the game if you’re not careful. With that in mind, here’s how to eat wings, wraps, and burgers in a way that won’t get food all over your hands, face or table.

Guide to Eating Sports Bar Foods with Ease

1. Wings

wingsBuffalo wings are a classic game food, though they are notorious for getting sauce all over your face and hands. Drumsticks are easiest to eat; just hold the end with your thumb and first finger of one hand. Wings are best de-boned to avoid a mess. Find the larger bone that sticks out of one end, then use your fingers to pull off the cartilage. You can then twist the smaller bone and pull it out, and do the same with the larger bone. Ask your sports bar for some paper towels or wet wipes if you don’t want to lick your fingers clean.

2. Wraps & Burritos

If your wrap comes covered in foil, keep as much of the foil on, slowly peeling it back as you eat. This will keep it together and catch any food or sauce that falls out. Always keep one hand on the bottom of the burrito to hold it together. If it’s too large to handle, you can cut it into halves or quarters.

3. Burgers

Gripping your burger with the “claw” method is the best way to keep all the fillings inside the burger. Keep your thumbs and pinkies on the bottom of the burger, with your three other fingers on top. Rotate as you eat, going from the edges inward to keep the fillings from being pushed out of the bottom. Eat over a plate and use a fork to snag anything that falls out.


Grab your friends and head to Buffalo Wild Wings® when you’re ready for a memorable game experience. After originally opening in Columbus, OH, their popularity has expanded to 19 convenient sports bar locations throughout Connecticut and New York. Each sports bar has incredible food, beer, and more than 30-flat screen televisions so you’ll enjoy a great view no matter where you sit. Find your nearest location online today!

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