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How Installing a Satellite Dish May Affect Your Roofing January 31, 2019

Jenks, Tulsa County
How Installing a Satellite Dish May Affect Your Roofing, Jenks, Oklahoma

A satellite dish can mean unfettered access to practically limitless home entertainment options. Unfortunately, though, what a satellite dish means for your roofing is less clear. Below are a few different ways installing a dish can impact a roof.

Short-Term Effects

One potential short-term effect to your roofing could be unsightly physical damage to the roof itself. When installing a satellite, providers will insert screws directly into the roof, through the waterproof underlayment and sealing. Then, wires need to be run from roof into the home, so installers will typically staple-gun these to the shingles. Another possible result to be aware of concerns the weather; in unusually strong winds, rain, or snow, the dish could topple over and do damage to the roof.

Long-Term Effects

roofingThe biggest long-term danger presented by satellite dishes is the possibility of leaks. Because installers often drill right into the shingles, over time, small gaps form around these holes as the roof materials shrink and expand with weather changes. The gaps create an opening for water to leak into the house.

Preventing Issues

The best way to prevent a problem with a roof-mounted satellite dish is to have your roof inspected both before and after installation. A roofing contractor can ensure the dish is positioned in the most advantageous place and check that the equipment has not damaged the roof. Also, during installation, you might want to request that the installer attach a rubber sheet below the base of the dish to prevent leaks and better safeguard the shingles.

It's important to note that the work of installing a satellite is performed by your dish provider, not by a roofing contractor. One typically will not, and should not, work on the other's equipment. But both should be involved in the installation of a dish, for the sake of your roofing and the sake of your new satellite dish.


Understanding how a dish can affect your roofing will help you choose the right installation location. When you need a roof inspection, contact the professionals at Guaranteed Roofing. They have more than 20 years of experience serving the Tulsa County, OK, region. In addition to roofing inspections, they install and repair all types of roofs, siding, and gutters. Arrange a free estimate by calling (918) 451-0119, visiting them online, or messaging them on Twitter.

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