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4 FAQ on Disaster Planning & Data Recovery March 4, 2019

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4 FAQ on Disaster Planning & Data Recovery, ,

Small businesses need to have disaster plans in place. Without proper precautions, you could be out of commission for days or weeks, leading to profit and productivity losses. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to put a data recovery plan in place to minimize risks and streamline the restoration process. Here are the answers to the top four common questions business owners have about creating comprehensive protection. 

Top FAQ About Business Data Recovery Plans for Disasters

How do I create a disaster recovery plan?

Ensure you have comprehensive insurance. Create an emergency plan and train employees. Keep digital and hard copies of key information, such as major client contacts and suppliers. Have a backup source of power or a secondary communications system at the ready. Prioritize critical operations. If the disaster is extensive, you may need to find a separate location from which to work, so have alternatives planned and know what equipment you’ll need. To keep your business running, you’ll need to access and preserve your data. Partner with an IT company that can assist with offsite storage and data recovery.

How can cloud services help?

data recoveryComputers, drives, and on-site servers may be completely ruined – which is where cloud services come in. All your data will be backed up automatically to protected remote servers. If you’ve been using DaaS (desktop as a service), employees can pick up right where they left off working via the cloud. 

Is email archiving necessary?

Emails can contain important information, but they can also be void of substance or import. You’ll want to preserve critical transmissions, but you also don’t want them taking up valuable space during your routine operations. Opt for email archiving services. You’ll be able to easily access records, often even if they’ve been deleted. You’ll also have a reliable and efficient mode of communication during the disaster and data recovery period.

What are bus host adapters (HBAs)?

These are expansion devices that connect computers and storage systems to a central storage network. This creates a closed system between computers so they can access and share files in case the internet or server is down. When evaluating your emergency readiness, talk to your provider about including this option. 


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