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5 Tips for House-Training Your New Puppy January 30, 2019

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5 Tips for House-Training Your New Puppy, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Bringing a puppy home from the vet hospital is a heart-warming experience—until your furry pal has their first accident on your living room rug. House-training will spare you stress in the long run, but it does take time and patience. Find out how to make the process easier below.

Vet Hospital Tips to Get Your Puppy House-Broken

1. Use a Crate

vet hospitalBy keeping your puppy in a clearly defined space, it’s easier to make them understand that they need to wait until they are outside to use the bathroom. As they remain accident-free, gradually expand their space. First nix the crate and then allow them to roam the house, adding one room at a time. 

2. Designate One Toilet Area

Always bring your puppy to the same spot to relieve themselves. After they’ve done their business, reward them with praise and treats. Allow 10 minutes of outdoor play before putting them back in the crate. If you don’t and immediately place them back in their crate, going to the bathroom might come to be seen as a punishment. 

3. Time Their Bathroom Breaks

Follow the 15-minute rule: Puppies will likely need to go to the bathroom within 15 minutes of waking up, drinking, eating, or playing. Leave time to take your pet out after any of these activities. 

4. Get Up at Night

At the vet hospital, ask for an estimate of your dog’s bladder “hold time,” which varies depending on age, breed, and size. This will give you an idea of the maximum amount of time they can wait before needing to go out. Odds are you will initially have to get up at night—set an alarm if needed—to avoid accidents.

5. Don’t Get Angry

Don’t take house-training frustrations out on your dog. Shouting or rubbing their nose in the mess will only confuse them, as they lack the logic to connect their accident with your reaction. They will simply get confused.


When you have a new puppy, you should first take them to the vet hospital for a checkup. For assistance in Southgate, KY, trust Alexandria Pike Animal Hospital. Their veterinarians will give you all the information you need for a happy and healthy dog, from house-training tips to pet dental care techniques. Your pet will be treated by compassionate professionals who prioritize each animal’s comfort. Visit their website for a list of their services. Or, call (859) 781-1800 for an appointment. 

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