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The Basics of Dry Bulk Hauling February 1, 2019

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The Basics of Dry Bulk Hauling, 4, Tennessee

When searching out hauling services, you may have come across the specialty of dry bulk trucking. This service transports raw, dry materials and is critical for a variety of industries. To better understand what this process is and how it works, here’s a brief guide.

What Is Dry Bulk Trucking?

The Basics

Dry bulk refers to raw, dry materials shipped in large, unpackaged containers. Most of the products are granulated and pourable and used in households, manufacturing, and other industries worldwide. Typically, these parcels are separated into major and minor bulks. Major dry bulk hauling consists of coal, grain, and iron ore and makes up most of the dry bulk industry. Minor bulk, on the other hand, can include items such as cement, sugar, and flour.

Dry bulk is measured in tons of deadweight (DWT), and the process involves the use of specialized trucks. For global transport, moving goods onto cargo ships is necessary for overseas usage. Dry bulk hauling is carefully regulated to ensure these unprocessed materials are secure during transport and that difficult spills are avoided. Some dry bulk can be detrimental to surrounding environments, people, and wildlife if not handled properly.

Hauling Trailers

haulingMany trucking companies are now expanding their services to include dry bulk transportation. These specialized vehicles consist of a large aluminum or steel tank that features easy loading and unloading characteristics. They are also vacuum sealed to ensure the products inside are not contaminated or spilled in transit. Even air can affect the quality of dry bulk.

Drivers must be trained properly in the specific needs of dry bulk hauling and the mechanical requirements of operating these special trucks. This protects the contents of the shipment as well as the driver during loading and unloading.

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