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3 Scenarios That Will Make You Wish You Had Renters Insurance January 30, 2019

Villa Rica, Carroll
3 Scenarios That Will Make You Wish You Had Renters Insurance  , Villa Rica, Georgia

Despite how affordable it is, many people across the country are still living without renters insurance. No one wants to believe they’d ever have reason to file a claim, but every renter is exposed to the same risks, and all too often, tenants only realize just how important this type of coverage is after an incident has left them facing a significant financial burden. In addition to protecting your property from theft and damage, here are a few scenarios that show how this simple coverage can serve as the safety net you need if an unexpected event occurs. 

Real-Life Situations in Which Renters Insurance Can Save You

1. House Party Injury 

One of the biggest benefits of renters insurance is that it will protect you if someone is injured while visiting your place of residence. Say you decide to host your best friend’s birthday celebration or a football championship party, and one of your guests slips on a spilled drink or falls down the stairs and is seriously hurt. Your policy will help pay for their medical bills, which may be enough to keep them from suing you. However, if a lawsuit is filed, it will also cover your legal fees.

2. Burst Pipe 

insuranceImagine you’ve been on vacation or out running errands all day and you come home to discover a pipe has burst and flooded your living space. With your floors, furniture, and other belongings sustaining water damage, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in damages. The good news is your renters insurance will pay to fix the floor, replace your treasured possessions, and cover the cost of staying somewhere else until everything has been cleaned up.

3. Hotel Theft 

Many people aren’t aware renters insurance can also cover their personal property when away from home. Consider what would happen if you were on a business trip or traveling with family and you left your laptop, clothing, and jewelry in the hotel room while out for a meeting or dinner, then came back to find your things had been stolen. Though it’s likely this will throw a wrench in your plans, your policy will help pay to have your items replaced.


As you can see, renters insurance may come in handy in a variety of situations that have the potential to upset your financial health. If you have yet to purchase the protection you need when disaster strikes, contact Bradford Hegler – State Farm Agent. With more than 25 years of experience serving residents in and around Carroll County, GA, you can trust he’ll be able to find you quality coverage at the best rate possible. Using his industry expertise, he‘ll help you customize a policy that suits your unique lifestyle and budget requirements. Call (770) 456-4000 to get a quote, or visit his Facebook page for more valuable information.