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3 Ways Winter Affects Your Windows February 12, 2019

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3 Ways Winter Affects Your Windows, Savage, Minnesota

Frosted windows may seem like a quintessential part of winter decor, but when freezing temperatures are the cause, you may begin to experience some issues. It may be time for a repair or upgrade if you can feel the wintry conditions inside your home. Below are a few issues that glass can sustain during the snowy and icy months.

Ways Your Windows Are Affected by Winter

1. Freezing Hardware

When the temperatures drop, the metal hardware on your windows can malfunction. Whether it’s due to the cold or ice buildup, you may not be able to lock, unlock, or open windows, and the parts may be permanently damaged. This may open your home up for break-ins, so inspect your windows whenever the temperature drops below freezing. Replace any broken components with high-quality, weather-resistant hardware.

2. Condensation & Ice

windowIf condensation begins forming between window panes, you’ll need repairs because it’s often caused by a leak. General condensation on the exterior of the panes, however, is fine. If ice builds up, it can mean that air is leaking from your home and then freezing, often between the jambs. This makes it difficult to open windows and can ruin weather stripping. If this is a repeating issue, consider upgrading your windows.

3. Drafts

If you feel a frigid draft coming from a closed window, look for broken sealants, and check for warped or bowed frames. If it’s a new installation, it may have been done incorrectly. You can install weather stripping as a temporary fix, but you’ll likely need new windows soon.


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