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3 Email Scams You Should Avoid January 30, 2019

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3 Email Scams You Should Avoid, Fairbanks, Alaska

From communicating with friends to checking online order statuses, many people open emails every day. That’s why cyber criminals often target inboxes, installing malicious spyware on computers once emails are opened and links are clicked. To avoid viruses only computer IT support specialists can remove, below are a few common email scams to keep on your radar.

A Guide to Suspicious Emails that Could be Scams

1. Surveys

Unless you’ve opted-in to receiving surveys through specific websites and businesses, don’t open emails with links to questionnaires asking for your participation. Once you click on a survey link in the email, cyber criminals will have easy access to your system. After remotely installing spyware on the machine, they’ll have all the details needed to assume your identity, including passwords, bank statements, and other sensitive information. To avoid this scam, delete emails with surveys from unfamiliar senders.    

2. Official Notices

computer IT supportMany people set up online accounts for tax filing, mortgage payments, and other important business. That’s why scammers often pose as banks and government agencies to steal people’s information. Beware of emails with “Official Notice” in the subject line. The messaging tricks people into thinking these emails are top priority, containing links to steps that must be taken to resolve issues. The Internal Revenue Service and most banking institutions won’t send sensitive information through online channels, for fear of it getting into the wrong hands. So a computer IT support technician doesn’t have to wipe your machine, immediately delete emails with suspicious senders, including those that claim to be from the IRS. If you do open an email, hover over the link. Doing so will show the entire URL to alert you to a suspicious website. 

3. Mystery Shopper Alerts

If an email pops up in your inbox offering a sizable paycheck for being an online shopper, selling crafts, or other work-from-home opportunities, the promise is often too good to be true. In many situations, the scammer who sent the email requests money immediately through PayPal or by check for training packets. This is simply a ruse to get your banking information. A thief might also send a counterfeit paycheck in the mail, asking for some of the money back for training materials. The check will inevitably bounce and the con-artist will get away with the funds you sent. To avoid this scam, don’t reply and send financial information to these solicitors.


If you’ve fallen victim to one of the above email scams or another cybercrime, contact the computer IT support personnel at ComputerWerks. in Fairbanks, AK. Since 1999, area residents have sought out the team to diagnose and repair their PC and Apple® computer problems and provide software installation to protect their machines from cyber-attacks. They’ll also share tips to safeguard your Wi-Fi network. To learn how the Fairbanks-based team’s computer services will improve the quality of your investment, call (907) 451-4888. Visit the computer IT support experts online for a complete list of services and Facebook for special offers on new computers. 

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